All about Web Technologies

If you’re like most of us, you’ve been using the Web for a while. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes when you’re working on the Web? Have you ever wondered about the various web technologies working to give you a seamless and superior experience? Probably not…Well, this guide will tell you more… Continue reading

The newest trends in enterprise app development

An enterprise application is the phrase used to describe applications (or software) that a business would use to assist the organization in solving enterprise problems. When the word “enterprise” is combined with “application,” it usually refers to a platform that is too large and too complex for individual or small business use. Enterprise applications are typically designed to… Continue reading

6 ways Pokémon Go will affect the future of app development

The Augmented Reality (AR) game, Pokémon Go has fundamentally changed how we interact with technology in our environment. This game has seamless augmented reality features, such as users being able to see animated characters on their phone screens, real physical locations, and even businesses showing up as “Poke-stops.” Pokémon Go has also fundamentally changed how… Continue reading

Size matters-Why is there a need for responsive technology?

The site is ready, the design looks solid, the support services are ready to go, there’s utter anticipation all around. Just one problem, there is no/little response. Why? It is because when you were completely focused and hell-bent upon making an exquisite website, perhaps a work of art, and the world switched to another platform which… Continue reading