About Custom, Responsive, and Dynamic Apps and their importance

You’ve heard about custom, responsive and dynamic mobile apps and their varied applications.
You’ve heard about how these apps change to suit the browser they are displayed on. You’ve heard
about their importance and growing popularity. In this article, we shall describe what each of these terms means when it comes to mobile apps and their importance. So here goes…

For those of you who need to refresh your memories, an app is a group of tabs that works as a unit
to provide application functionality. You can build your own custom mobile app. The latter consists of a label, a description and an ordered list of tabs. You can also set custom logos for your custom app.

Custom apps can also be responsive. This means that this app adapts its layout to the viewing
environment by using fluid, proportion-based grids, flexible images and CSS3 media queries.
Responsive design lets you build an app that looks beautiful and works elegantly on virtually any
machine. Your app can run on just about any internet-connected device from a phone to a tablet to a desktop. Also responsive mobile apps are much cheaper to develop and maintain and provide a great deal of flexibility.

Now we come to the term, “dynamic”. As a developer, you will have to choose between building a
static or dynamic mobile app. Dynamic applications are reliant in some way on a server or database.These apps are loaded from a central server, so that any iterative changes to development, design and functionality roll out across all devices, simultaneously.

This means that a dynamic app, though slightly more expensive to build, can be optimized, fixed and tweaked across all devices. Dynamic mobile apps also provide for user interaction, allowing users to interact not only online with the software, but also with other users, thereby enriching your product exponentially.

There are several reasons why custom, responsive and dynamic mobile app development is
important for your business, whatever that may be. Here are some of these reasons.

  1. They help fulfil your business needs: These apps streamline the work processes and let your employees do more in less time. A significant improvement in efficiency has a huge positive impact on the profitability of your business. You can ask the app developer to create an app that is tailored to your business, even as it is customized for your unique needs. Since this is a custom app you can include all the functions and features you want into the design.
  2. They help you to automate work processes: Most of the routine tasks can be done with the help of your app. This means huge savings, as you don’t need an employee to perform these repetitive tasks. This automation also means that there is less likelihood of any errors.
  3. They facilitate ease of project management: Project management is really easy using a custom, responsive and dynamic app. Your managers can handle the different resources in a more effective and efficient way by using your app, as they do not have to sweat the details,
    by thinking about each and every small thing related to the workflow.
  4. They boost your Return on Investment (ROI): All of the factors mentioned, result in a
    reduction of overheads and costs. You can also allocate resources in a better way, while
    automating the work process. This ensures that the productivity and efficiency of your
    business improves greatly. All of these boost your ROI.
  5. They help protect your business from external threats: Hackers will be less likely to hack into your app, as it will require considerably more effort to learn how to breach the system.In commonly-used software, hackers find it relatively easy to exploit known software

Mobile apps that are custom, responsive and dynamic, and both for Android and iOS, are playing
increasingly important roles in companies. The latter include companies across the board, from
Banks and Financial Institutions to Healthcare and Life Sciences companies and from Gaming to
Insurance companies.

In other words, the building of custom, responsive and dynamic mobile apps is becoming
increasingly popular in various different types of companies and for varied uses.

At Devship, we are a company of passionate, technology pros who specialized in building
custom, responsive, and dynamic mobile apps, whatever be your business and its needs.
Businesses of different sizes and in different domains rely on us to provide advice, technical
expertise, and scalable software development solutions.

So, do think about what your business needs are, when it comes to building custom, responsive
and dynamic apps and either build an app in-house or then, consult a reliable software
company, such as Devship. Here’s to your very own custom, responsive and mobile app!

For more information on how to build a custom, responsive and dynamic mobile app for your
business, contact Devship at 425-270- 7096 or at letstalk@devship.io or take a look at our
website, www.devship.io.

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