How does this work?

  1. We review your project and give you an estimate.
  2. DevShip’s mobile team will build your app.
  3. You review the app and decide how much you want to pay based on the quality of the app.

Why would we do this?

We are looking for good clients with an ongoing need for mobile development. At DevShip we pride ourselves on building great apps and we are willing to prove it to win your business.

Who qualifies for this opportunity?

Companies with an ongoing need for mobile development such as design, marketing, pr , startups and web development companies. Just contact us via the form, we’ll review your application and schedule an initial consultation.

Why choose DevShip for mobile
app development?

DevShip is an experienced team of senior mobile developers who have worked together for the last 4+ years on a variety of apps. With 35+ team members we have the development resources to handle any volume of development projects. We also provide virtual teams that are dedicated developers for your company if you have a large volume of ongoing work that needs to be done.


We’re ready to build your next mobile app. Get started today!